Rick and Morty: Season 1 Episode 3 – Anatomy Park

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It’s Christmas. Rick shrinks Morty, injecting him into a homeless man to save Anatomy Park. Jerry tries to have a Christmas free of electronic devices, but regrets his decision when his parents introduce him to their new friend.


Dr. Xenon Bloom: There is no auto pilot, someone will have to stay behind and operate it manually.

[long pause while he looks at Morty & Anna]

Morty: [Morty and Anna look at each other,then back at Dr.Bloom]

Dr. Xenon Bloom: Ya this is all my fault, I’ll stay. It was a dick move for me to even pause like that.

Rick Sanchez: Listen, if the situation keeps on darkening, then you gotta do yourself a favor and pop by Pirates Of The Pancreas. I mean, the top priority is to, you know, get you guys out of there, but, I mean, if that becomes impossible then you gotta treat yourself.



  • Jurassic Park (1993)
    Title reference. The plot of a park’s creatures running amok and killing people is directly parodying the plot of this film, and The Anatomy Park logo resembles that of the Jurassic Park sign


  • Jerry’s Christmas sweater is miscolored – the red and green zig-zag elements should be reversed to make green Christmas trees. This goof is recognized in the commentary track by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon.


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