Rick and Morty: Season 4 Episode 9 – Childrick of Mort

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Rick and Morty attempt to go camping with the family


The ninth episode of season four sees Rick and Beth come together to do the impossible; build a city. Rick becomes entangled in a “new father” situation in which he fathers children…of a planet. Beth and Rick set out to create a civilization of Rick’s new children until another powerful being comes along claiming to be the kid’s father. While all of this is going on, Jerry is just trying to go camping.


Jerry: “Yes, yes, drugs and video games. Poor babies. What you need is to level up with a bong rip of nature. Trust me, this is good for you.”

Summer: “Can someone just kill me? Grandpa Rick, you can kill anything.”

Jerry: “No he can’t Summer.”

Rick: “Damn it, I didn’t think she had this number.”

Summer: “Why are you building a Faraday box to block out the signal? Oh, my God, Grandpa’s ghosting someone.”

Rick: “I’m not ghosting. Hey! Give it back, Summer!”

Summer: “Oh, my God. Maybe Dad was right. Maybe we have no life skills.”

Morty: “I’ve definitely drank more pee than I care to remember. I’m just gonna sit down.”

Summer: “If I die, don’t eat my ass. That’d be weird.”

Jerry: “You labeled these creatures ‘unproductive,’ but I have given them more purpose than ever.”

Rick: “Oh, yeah? They filling your unemployment forms?”

Jerry: “His tongue is sharp, but it cannot whittle.”


Easter Eggs

  • This episode is one of only two episodes without any devices that tell time; the other is Promortyus.
  • Morty is depicted as being addicted to video games in this episode, which is a continuation of his problems with video game addiction in previous episodes
  • Summer went to therapy in Pickle Rick for inhaling paint enamel. In this episode, Summer is still inhaling foreign substances.

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