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Rick and Morty clone Space Beth


The final episode of season four has more twists and turns than an M. Night Shyamalan film. Two Beths now exist; one Beth has led a resistance against the galactic government and another Beth has returned to a normal life. Space Beth then returns to Earth to seek vengeance against Rick. Dr. Wong makes a reappearance and Rick is reunited with Bird Person, only he is now “Phoenix Person”. the two battle it out while the two Beths forget about who is the real clone, join forces to raise the family, and forget about Rick. The episode is also constantly mentioning the toughness of Wrangler Jeans.


Beth: “Dr. Wong had a cancellation today. Anybody up for a family session?”

Summer: “I could do that.”

Morty: “I’m down to clown.”

Jerry: “Oh, not sure my therapy puppet will be done in time.”

Beth: “Great, because she specifically asked you to stop bringing puppets.”

Beth: “You told me I wasn’t a clone.”

Rick: “You’re not a clone.”

Beth: “And who is that?”

Rick: “A clone.”

Beth: “Why would you make a clone of me just to send it into space?”

Beth: “He told me you’re the clone.”

Space Beth: “What do you think he told me?”

Beth: “You’re the clone?”

Space Beth: “Wow, naive and attractive.”

Beth: “Wow, jaded and hot.”


Easter Eggs

  • Rick went through creating a clone of Beth from the ABCs of Beth.
  • Each of the Smiths used something from their story arc to defeat the Galactic Federation.
  • The song that plays in the ending of the episode “Don‘t Look Back” by musical duo Kotomi & Ryan Elder.
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