Rick and Morty Season 5: Episode 1 – Mort Dinner Rick Andre

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Rick, arch nemesis Mr. Nimbus, and Jerry outside


Mr. Nimbus, the arch-nemesis of Rick returns after Morty crashes the ship into the ocean. Rick must now have Mr. Nimbus over for dinner to discuss a peace treaty. Morty invites Jessica over for a date, adding more confusion to the night. The link between these two different events is wine; Mr. Nimbus drinks only the finest wine and Morty’s mission is to get the same wine for Jessica. The majority of the night goes wrong for Morty and chaos ensues inside the Smith residence like never before.


Morty: “Just stay with me.”

Rick: “I’m scared Morty. I can see the end. I’m a silly man. I’m a small, silly man.”

Jessica: “Hello?”

Morty: “It’s Morty. From school.”

Jessica: “Oh hey, Morty. What’s up?”

Morty: “Um, I just want to say that you’re really great and I’m sorry that the timing never really worked out with us, but you’re really great and I wish I got to know you better.”

Jessica: “Oh, I mean, that’s a lot.”

Mr. Nimbus: “Richard! You have desecrated the sacred treaty betwixt land and sea! Now face the wrath of your once and eternal foe… Mr. Nimbus!”

Morty: “Sorry, who is that?”

Rick: “My…nemesis.”

Morty: “What?”

Rick: “My [explicit] nemesis, okay?!”

Morty: “Okay, but what was his name again?”

Mr. Nimbus: “I am Mr. Nimbus!”

Rick: “He’s gonna say that a lot.”


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