Rick and Morty: Season 1 Episode 9 – Something Ricked This Way Comes

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Summer gets a job at a pawn shop owned by the devil. Jerry helps Morty with his science fair project.


Rick: Cute. Your sister’s boss gave me a microscope that would have made me retarded.

Morty: Ooo, oh boy Rick, I-I don’t think you’re allowed to say that word. Ya know?

Rick: Uh Morty, I’m not disparaging the differently abled. I’m stating the fact that if I had used this microscope it would have made me mentally retarded.

Morty: Ok but yeah, I don’t think it’s about logic, Rick. I-I think the word has just become a symbolic issue for powerful groups that feel like they’re doing the right thing.

Rick: Well that’s retarded.

Mr. Goldenfold: This aftershave made women want me but it also made me impotent!

Mr. Needful: A price for everything, Mr. Goldenfold. A price for everything. HAHAHA!

Mr. Goldenfold: Oh my god! How could I not see this coming? MY LUST! MY GREED! I DESERVE THIS!

Rick: This serum should


Rick: counteract the negative effects.

Mr. Goldenfold: Holy cats! Ladies, let’s get outta here.

[Off into the distance]

Mr. Goldenfold: I haven’t learned a thing!

Mr. Needful: This aftershave makes a man quite irresistible to women. Free of charge. One never pays here. Not with money.

Mr. Goldenfold: Nothing to read into there. Thanks!

Butter Robot: What is my purpose?

Rick: You pass butter.

Butter Robot: Oh my God…

Rick: Yeah, welcome to the club, pal.

Mr. Goldenfold: You know my name? Heh, that’s disarming.

Summer: [being carried away by security after Mr. Needful stole her share of their company] You’re Zuckerberging me?

Mr. Needful: I was Zuckerberging people before Zuckerberg’s balls dropped.


Featured in


  • Needful Things (1993)
    The Devil (“Mr. Needful”) runs a shop called Needful Things


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