Rick and Morty: Season 1 Episode 11 – Ricksy Business

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Beth and Jerry head for an iceberg of a date leaving Rick in charge. Morty doesn’t get to go on any more adventures if the house isn’t in the same condition when they get back.


Summer: Screw that, this is my chance to gain some popularity and some footing with the cool kids.

Rick: That’s why you party? Boy, you really are seventeen.

Summer: Why do you party?


Rick: When’s the last time you go laid, ‘pers?

Birdperson: It has been a… challenging mating season for Birdperson.

Tammy: I love watching bukkake. I mean, like, I don’t know if I would personally ever do it.

Summer: What do you mean you’re having a party? Are some Glipglups from the third dimension going to come over and play cards or something?

Rick: Glipglup? You’re luck a Trafleforcian doesn’t hear you say that.

Summer: Is that like their n-word?

Rick: It’s like the n-word and the c-word had a baby and it was raised by all the bad words for Jews.

Ship Announcer: Iceberg right ahead, buffet is now closed. Iceberg right ahead, buffet is now closed.


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  • Titanic (1997)
    Movie is spoofed in the subplot where Beth and Jerry spend a night on a replica of the Titanic.


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