Rick and Morty: Season 3 Episode 2 – Rickmancing the Stone

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Rick and Morty Mad Max scene


Rick, Summer, and Morty are grappling with the recent divorce of Jerry and Beth. To escape the dreaded awkwardness of their parents, Morty and Summer go on an adventure with Rick to collect some green glowing rocks. Oh yeah, and there’s death stalkers.


Jerry: “If you’re looking for our kids, your father did a…portal.”

Beth: “OK”

The wind: “Loser” [to Jerry}

Jerry: “Hello?”

Hemorrhage: “You have removed weak blood from us and made us stronger. We can combine our strength and feast on the weak together”.

Rick: “What the hell are you saying”?

Summer: “They don’t have to keep trying to kill us if we join them”.

Morty: “What is your deal lately”?

Rick: “Hey, you guys ever use that thunder dome or do you just put it up for decoration”?

Death Stalker #1: “Uhhh, you mean the blood dome”?

Rick: “Save it for the semantics dome E.B. White”

Death Stalker #2: “Ooo burn!”

Rick and Morty blood dome GIF

Hemorrhage: “I think I was a child before the boom booms. I think I looked like this”.

Summer: “Wanna piss on him”?

Hemorrhage: “Get out of my head”.

Rick: “Summer state your deal”.

Summer: “My deal is I’m like totally fine”.

Rick: “Morty”

Morty: “Oh geez, I’m so down with my parents divorce dog, like don’t even trip, like in a healthy way”.

Rick: “Home is nuts right now. My daughter is going through a divorce and I am not dealing with it in a healthy way AT ALL.”

Mechanical Morty: “I am alive, alive I tell you! Mother, I want to hold you, I want to run in a stream!”

Celebrity Voices


  • Mad Max (1979): The death stalker gang resembles the motorcycle gang in the movie and the 2015 video game
  • Romancing the Stone (1984): Action/comedy starring Michael Douglas, Danny Devito, and Kathleen Turner
  • E.B. White: Rick references him in response to a death-stalker

Easter Eggs

  • Season 3’s closing clip changes from show creator Dan Harmon with his family to him alone on his couch surrounded by liquor bottles to represent his recent divorce
  • Summer’s apocalyptic outfit is based off Tina Turner’s from Beyond the Thunder Dome
  • Hemorrhage’s shirt that reads “Big Johnson” was a late 90’s brand of shirts
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