Rick and Morty: Season 3 Episode 9 – The ABC’s of Beth

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Rick and Beth in Froopyland


A childhood friend of Beth’s, Tommy was presumably eaten by his own dad. The news is covering the execution of Tommy’s dad, and Beth begins to suspect Tommy was left in her magical getaway “Froopyland“. Rick takes her back to Froopyland where they discover a much darker result of Tommy being left in the magic land for so many years.


Rick: “Here it is. You know, I collapsed a quantum tesseract to –“

Beth: “Dad, I don’t care how you made it. I want to know if Tommy’s still in there!”

Rick: “Relax, Beth. If he is, we’ll find him. He’ll be the only sun-bleached skeleton with non-imaginary DNA.”

Rick: “A dad makes a toilet look like R2-D2, and it breaks the front page of Reddit, but I’m Charles Manson because I gave you your own world instead of an iPad.

Rick: “All right, that’s it. I’m outta here.”

Beth: “What are you doing? We’re in the middle of an adventure.”

Rick: “Here’s some things an adventure needs, Beth. Conflict, stakes, a way for me to benefit, and, clearly, Morty.”

Rick: “I didn’t make Froopyland to get rid of you, Beth. I did it to protect the neighborhood. Not in a [burps] noble sense. It was just more practical to sequester you before I had to start, you know, cloning a replacement for every less-than-polite little boy or gullible animal that might cross your socio-path.”

Beth: “You would rather believe I’m evil than admit that you were a bad father?”

Rick: “Oh, dude, no. No, bad father all the way to the max over here. I’m a nutcase. And the acorn plopped straight down, baby. Look at some of this shit you were asking me to make you as a kid. Ray guns. A whip that forces people to like you. Invisibility cuffs, a parent trap, a lightning gun, a teddy bear with anatomically correct innards, night-vision googly-eye glasses, sound-erasing sneakers, false fingerprints, fall-asleep darts, a lie-detecting doll, an indestructible baseball bat, a Taser shaped like a ladybug, a fake police badge, location-tracking stickers, rainbow-colored duct tape, mind-control hair clips,
poison gum, a pink, sentient switchblade.”

Morty: “No, Dad! You’re not doing it right!”

Jerry: “Cutting off their heads isn’t doing it right?”

Morty: “They’re clearly regenerative! I-I think you have to stab them through the heart or something.

Summer: “You think or you know? I thought you were the alien expert, Isaac Asi-hole.”

Morty: “Don’t snap at me! I’m tired!”

Jerry: “We’re all tired!”


Easter Eggs

  • This is the first time Morty can be seen not sitting in the back seat of the class
  • The song playing while Rick and Beth make a new Tommy is “Fathers and Daughters (Doo-Doo in My Butt)
  • Despite hating Jerry, Rick still chooses to save him from the alien hunter Carmox
  • This is the second episode Rick can be seen drinking from a can called “Foonies”; the first episode was Morty’s Mind Blowers
  • On the Smith’s fridge, there are pictures of Rick and Mr. Poopybutthole together, and another of Morty and Snuffles together
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