Rick and Morty: Season 3 Episode 5 – The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy

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Rick and Jerry on The Whirly Dirly


It’s a Rick and Jerry episode! Morty has begun to worry about his Dad following the divorce so Rick decides to take Jerry out on an adventure. Rick and Jerry spend the day chilling in the lounge of an an alien resort which features an immortality field. Upon visiting the bathroom, Jerry is confronted by an alien being who like his help in getting rid of Rick once and for all. Meanwhile, Summer has some trouble with a morphing machine


Jerry: “Rick, I’m not an idiot. I know what this is.”

Rick: “Oh. Okay, well, I told Morty, ‘Look, parents get divorced. They get sad. He’ll be fine,’ but I think he’s worried you’re gonna, you know… Pbht! And you know how Morty gets when he gets emotional. It impedes my work. So, I told him I’d take you out and give you a win.”

Jerry: “Wait. My son asked you to take me on some kind of pity adventure to keep me from killing myself?”

Rick: “Wait, what did you think this was?”

Jerry: “An execution.”

Jerry: “Hey, maybe we would have fun on a fake adventure.”

Rick: “On a fake adventure.”

Jerry: “Speaking of…What are we gonna tell Morty?”

Rick: “I don’t know. But whatever it is, we’re gonna need a couple more of these babies!

Risotto Groupon: “My kingdom was usurped by force with weapons and technology supplied by your father-in-law!”

Jerry: “Hey, he usurped my kingdom, too, man. He basically got me kicked out of my home, stole my family.”

Risotto Groupon: “Then we are brothers, and you have wondered what your life could have been without Rick.”

Jerry: “Wondered? Sure. I mean, I’ve wondered about having a vagina.”

Risotto Groupon: “Would you help me kill him?”

Jerry: “What? No! He’s my wife’s father. Move on.”

Ethan: “Morty, what’s happening here?”

Morty: “Summer got into my grandpa’s garage, messed around, and turned herself into a monster. My mom did the same to make her feel better. She’s a good mom.”

Tricia Lange: “Oh, my God. I have to go call my mother!”

Ethan: “Tricia, wait!”

Morty: “Ethan! Ethan! Hey, it’s okay. Sit down. You made my sister cry, Ethan. You messed with her body image.


  • The space cruise ship that bears a striking resembling to the Fhloston Paradise from the science fiction movie The Fifth Element.
  • Rick referring to the alien as “Big Chill” is a reference to Jeff Goldblum’s 1980’s movie The Big Chill.
  • Rick drags Jerry out of bed in the same manner as when he dragged Morty out of bed in the first episode of the series.
  • The picture of the the Titanic above Jerry’s bed is a callback to the episode where Beth and Jerry visit the Titanic experience.
  • The mailman from the “M. Night Sham-Aliens” episode and one of the game players from Blitz and Chitz can be seen in this episode.
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