Rick and Morty: Season 3 Episode 6 – Rest and Ricklaxation

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Rick and Morty Toxic


Rick and Morty have become exhausted with adventures and need a vacation. Rick knows the perfect spa to go to; the only problem is the detoxification process may have been a little too much.


Rick: “Isn’t that something?”

Morty: “You were right…Best day spa in the galaxy.

Rick: “It’s not even cruel, either. These things are just doing what they do in the wild…It loves swallowing stressed-out creatures for 20 minutes and then puking them up.

Morty: “My whole body’s like a baby’s ass.

Mr. Goldenfold: “Now, who can tell me the common denominator of these two factions? You don’t know or y’all just bored?”

Morty: “Hey, listen, you know, wha…If we’re all bored over here, wouldn’t the common denominator be you?”

Mr. Goldenfold: “Damn, Morty. That’s hilarious. Normally I would come down on any kind of disruption, but it seems to represent a positive change for your character. Class dismissed!

Jessica: “Hey, Morty. Word around school is you’ve become super healthy.”

Morty: “I don’t know about all that. I do, however, know that I have a pretty bad case of haven’t taken you to dinner-itis. Might be fatal.”

Rick: “It’s okay girls. I-I’m so sorry I put us in danger with some of my behavior. I-If you’d like I can go out in the g-garden, pick some fresh basil, and make us a nice Scallopini.

Beth: “What did the booger version of you mean when he said he was going to make the whole world toxic?”

Rick: “Believe me, sweetie, that man’s motivations are a mystery.”

Morty: “Screw that, Rick. We got to stop him.”


  • The opening adventure scene is a spoof on the Star Wars series with the Death Star blowing up and the awards ceremony following A New Hope

Easter Eggs

  • Morty continuously pronounces the word “crudit√©” wrong throughout the episode

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