Rick and Morty: Season 3 Episode 8 – Morty’s Mind Blowers

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Rick and Morty's mind blowers


On the many adventures Rick and Morty go on, there are some instances that are so horrible, Morty doesn’t want to carry the burden of the horrible memory around with him. Rick shows Morty a whole room of memories that have been erased over the years and the flashbacks ensue.


Morty: “What the hell is this?”

Rick: “This, Morty, is my archive of all the experiences you’ve begged me to remove from your life, lest you go insane. I call them Morty’s Mind Blowers. And we’ll be doing this instead of interdimensional cable.”

Rick: “That’s right, Morty. The Floop Floopians achieve an eternal orgasmic afterlife, so long as they’re killed by a great warrior. I’m flattered, by the way. Thank you very much.

Morty: “So you’re gonna kill him?”

Rick: “Eh, let’s get some lunch first. So, you want to get shot in the head, or…

Floop Floopian: “Well, as long as the wound is fatal, I don’t really mind where you shoot me.”

Rick: “Cool. I’m gonna take a quick shit.”

Summer: “You guys doing Morty’s Mind Blowers?

Morty: “Morty’s Mind Blowers?”

Summer: “Grandpa, is this scenario three?”

Rick: “Uh, w-what’s that, and w-who are you?”

Summer: “Oh, man, it’s a scenario four.”


  • The space dimension in the opening scene pays homage to both Penrose Stairs and the film Labyrinth
  • Rick’s room of mind blowers is a reference to the command center containing memory orbs in the movie Inside Out
  • Rick’s escape plan is a reference to the 1997 film Contact
  • The squirrels reference Dr. Dolittle when they realize Morty can understand them
  • Jerry’s mind-blower parodies E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Easter Eggs

  • The truth tortoise says the phrase “I am a Beatle, Paul is dead” backward to Morty. This references a theory that Paul McCartney from The Beatles died during the late ’60s and was replaced by a look-a-like
  • When Rick and Morty’s memories are erased, one of the only things Rick remembers is Men in Black II, although Morty seems to be able to remember both Men in Black I and II. A Neuralyser-like weapon from the series is also in Rick’s possession.
  • One of the “cute redheads” Morty summons using Rick’s machine, resembles Misty from Pokémon
  • This is an anthology-style episode that is taking the place of Interdimensional Cable, as Rick points out.
  • Susanne Blakeslee, best known for her roles as Wanda and Mrs. Turner on the Fairly OddParents, voices the female squirrel but is uncredited.
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