Rick and Morty: Season 4 Episode 6 – Never Ricking Morty

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Rick, Morty, and the Tickets Please Guy


Were you hoping for another episode of Interdimensional Cable? Well, you’re going to have to keep waiting, but this anthology episode packs in all the great elements of an Interdimensional Cable episode. Rick and Morty are stuck on a train full of people who have their own unique story about Rick. While stuck on the train, the only people without a Rick story are the “tickets please” guy and another evil source driving the anthology story.


Tickets Please Guy: “Tickets please”

Ramamama Lord: “Barkeep. A drink for my colleague.”

Rick (in disguise): “Do I know you?”

Ramamama Lord: “I know the only reason to travel by train. Is to travel with weapons. And we all know that at the end of this line, There’s only one creature worth killing. The man in the white coat. May as well take turns exchanging stories. Mine begins on planet ramamama.

Rick: “Okay, tickets please guy, stop the anthology. If we wanted one-offs, we’d do interdimensional cable, not some uptight, overwritten…”

Tickets Please Guy: “Tickets please”

Morty: Dude, I’m sure you’ve got, like, so many tickets at this point. Jesus, the tickets please guy is cut!”

Morty: “Once upon a time, my mom and my sister…listen to me!”

Summer: “Mom, can I try your tea?”

Beth: “Yes, Summer. Yes. Try my tea.”

Summer: “It’s so good. It’s so warm.”


  • The episode’s title is a reference to The Never Ending Story.
  • Blips and Chitz from the Mortynight Run makes a return where the Tickets Please Guy was with his family.
  • The fights between Rick and Phoenix Person and Summer and Tammy are references that the pairs were once friends in earlier seasons.

Easter Eggs

  • This is the first episode as an anthology that is not the 8th episode of its respective season.
  • This is the first episode of the 2020s.
  • “story-train.com” which is mentioned in the commercial during the end credits, redirects to rickandmorty.com.
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