Rick and Morty: Season 4 Episode 5 – Rattlestar Ricklactica

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Rick and Morty snake jazz


Do you like snake jazz? Well, this episode would be the one for you. In classic Morty fashion, he’s sick of Rick telling him what to do and treating him like a kid. So When they suffer a flat tire in space and Rick tells Morty to stay in the [space] ship, Morty decides to suit up and venture into space to try to help Rick repair the flat. Unfortunately for Morty, a space snake approaches and bites Morty in the leg. According to Rick, “Literally everything is in space! Now get back the [explicit ] back in the car!”

To save Morty’s life, Rick must obtain an antidote from the snake planet and what they discover is a world of civilized snakes. What the pair did not expect upon the discovery is for the snake race to be at war with each other over the concept of a superior race. Imagine that. Meanwhile, Jerry suffers a major problem with his weightless shoes. Jam out to some snake jazz in this episode.


Morty: “I need to pee.”

Rick: “Nope.” Here, I’ve got a centipede you can swallow that makes you not have to go.”

Morty: “I ain’t swallowing no centipede.”

Rick: “What, you think the centipede wants to eat your pee? You’re not the victim in this transaction. Uh-oh, flat tire.”

Jerry: “What up, homeys? Shooting hoops, I see. Hey, who’s interested in a friendly bet that this white guy can jump.”

Basketball player: “Hey, leave the racial stuff off the court, okay?”

Jerry: “Oh, I thought that kind of talk was part of streetball.”


  • After blowing a tire in space, Rick references the film 2001: A Space Odyssey and Gravity when he says two guys leave the ship and one goes spinning away.
  • When the Snake government recruits a language professor to talk to the newly arrived snake astronaut, it’s a reference to the film Arrival.
  • When Jerry is in the biker bar, the Diet Sprite Remix he requests has been a discontinued soda since 2005.
  • The 1985 Snake lab depicts a poster that resembles that of Michael Jackson’s Bad album.
  • The snake wearing the leather jacket looks similar to the same jacket the Terminator wore.

Easter Eggs

  • While Rick is sleeping on the couch, the T.V. can be heard with the episode playing How They Do It, where they walk you through how plumbuses are made from Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate.
  • While Jerry was flying through the sky, a pelican begins to peck his head; the sound it makes, however, is a seagull.
  • On Jerry’s phone, there is a photo of Beth carrying him on their wedding day.
  • Rick sets up the snake race to mess with time so Shleemypants from A Rickle in Time shows up.
  • At the grocery store, Snuffles appears on the dog food.
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