Rick and Morty: Season 3 Episode 10 – The Rickchurian Mortydate

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Rick and The President


Rick and Morty are summoned yet again to the White House to get rid of an alien creature roaming around the basement in the “Kennedy Sex Tunnels”. The duo, annoyed with the task decide to go back home and continue Minecraft. The President becomes annoyed with their disrespect towards him and what he perceives as disrespect towards America. Rick and Morty go back and forth with the President on the issue over a selfie.


The President: “Here’s the adventure. Some kind of alien…googa has infested the Kennedy Sex Tunnels. I want it hunted down and taken out.”

Morty: “Kennedy Sex Tunnels?”

The President: “Naturally, you’ll forget you saw them, along with, in order of national embarrassment, the Truman Cocaine Lounge, the McKinley Hooker Dump, and the Lincoln Slave Coliseum. He didn’t free them all. And let me know when you’re done.”

Morty: “Maybe then we could get a selfie?”

The President: “Too busy. Now tell me more about this summit. Is this a peace one or a regular one?”

Madam Presidentress: “I am Presidentress of the Mega Gargantuans. We named ourselves before learning we were small.”

The President: “Madam Presidentress, I’m President of America, which is basically the world, but you didn’t hear that from me. – I’ve come to…

Madam Presidentress: “- I know who you are. We’ve already agreed to a ceasefire with your ambassadors, Rick and Morty.

The President: “Rick and Morty were here?”

Madam Presidentress: “Of course they were here. They can shrink instantly and teleport. They told me to give you this. They said it will stretch as your cancer pill wears off and your body awkwardly enlarges at the rate of a ’50s movie.”

The President: “Are there pants?”

Madam Presidentress: “They said you’d prefer just a shirt. Apparently, you have a need to swing your dick around?”


  • “Kennedy Sex Tunnels” – A reference to the scandal involving President John F. Kennedy and celebrity Marylin Monroe
  • “Truman Cocaine Lounge” – President Truman and the White Coke product, and a callback to cocaine being in Coca-Cola
  • “McKinley Hooker Dump” – References the reports of President McKinley and some interactions with prostitutes in the White House
  • “The Lincoln Slave Colosseum” – Parody on President Lincoln’s signing of the Emancipation Proclamation
  • The episode title is taken from the novel The Maurchian Candidate

Easter Eggs

  • It is revealed Rick is afraid of pirates
  • This is a continuation episode from the trio’s previous episode together, Get Schwifty
  • During the fight scene, a skeleton can be seen under the floorboards; the skeleton closely resembles rapper Tupac Shakur
  • In Jerry’s apartment, you can see a full golf set, calling back to the Meeseeks and Destroy episode
  • In Beth’s room, numerous pictures of horses can be seen, showing her interest in horses from a young age to becoming a horse surgeon
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