Who is Rick Sanchez Based Off?

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Rick Sanchez drunk flying a spaceship

Ever Wondered the Inspiration for the Character of Rick Sanchez?

The character of Rick Sanchez is synonymous with genius, nihilism, atheism, and of course alcoholism. He knows he’s the smartest man in the universe and makes sure his intelligence never comes into question (See Morty’s Mindblowers). It’s no question Rick has become one of the most iconic characters in recent pop culture, but who is Rick Sanchez? What inspiration did Dan Harmon and Justin Roland draw from to create a character like Rick?

Doc Brown from Back to the Future

The most well-known character Rick Sanchez is based on is a well known mad scientist, Emmet “Doc” Brown from the Back to the Future franchises. Their exuberant personality traits are similar to that of your classic “mad scientist”; the lab coat, the wacky inventions, and the sometimes disregard for others around them.

Ooc Martin from the Back to the Future franchise

Mister Fantastic from the Fantastic Four Series (Marvel Universe)

Rick is a master of all things science; biology, chemistry, engineering, space (obviously). He builds his spaceship out of random stuff he found in the family’s garage in the pilot episode and even invents a new element in Rest and Ricklaxation. Rick’s vast, superior knowledge of the sciences is based on the superhero Mister Fantastic from the Fantastic Four series. He is known as the smartest man in the Marvel Universe.

Foster Brooks – Famous Comedian from the 1970’s

Throughout the series, one of the most recognizable aspects of Rick is his constant blech talking. It is said to have originated when Justin Roiland accidentally burped while reading lines for a former show of his, The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti. However, another comedian was well-known for his blech-talking antics well before Rick Sanchez; his name was Foster Brooks, popular television and Las Vegas staple during the 1970s and 1980s. Brooks was often seen on celebrity roasts portraying a drunk who was trying their hardest to not appear drunk. His speaking style and subsequent burping can be seen below during the Dean Martin Roast of Don Rickles. The similarities are pretty uncanny to that of Rick Sanchez.


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