Rick and Morty: Season 4 Episode 1 – Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat

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Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 1


In the season four premiere of Rick and Morty, a new tone has been set for the Smith family. Clear communication is a new thing the family is trying out and Rick must ask if Morty can accompany him on an adventure. Much to Rick’s dismay, he has no choice but to abide by the new rules. Rick and Morty travel to an alien planet called Forbodulon Prime to harvest death crystals, a very viable resource for Rick. The death crystals give the person a special ability to see their own death, and in the wrong hands [Morty’s], things can go haywire.


Beth: “Dad? There’s a way we do this now.”

Rick: Morty, would you please accompany me to Forbodulon Prime for death crystals?

Morty: “Well, thank you for asking. Yes, I will do that.”

Rick: “Just shut up and help me with these, please.”

Morty: “Why are they called death crystals? D-Do they kill you?

Rick: “You’re thinking of bullets, Morty. Death crystals show you how you’re gonna die.”

Rick: “Your future stems from your [burps] present, which, if you’re living right, keeps changing. Truth is, anyone that knows how they’re definitely gonna die is either boring as hell or about to get shot. Duck!


  • The school bully who picks on Morty references the movie Coco, by stating, “Only if the events of the Pixar movie ‘Coco’ are to be believed, which I doubt.”
  • A “fait accompli” is an accomplished fact, something that has already occurred according to Wiktionary.
  • When Morty goes up against the police, the scene is a reference to the classic anime film, Akira
  • “Operation Phoenix” was axed by Rick in the Season 2 Episode Big Trouble in Little Sanchez
  • The title of the episode is a play on Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow

Easter Eggs

  • On the chalkboard in Morty’s class, equations on the board can be seen as “1 ass + 1 ass = 2 asses”
  • One of Morty’s bullies outside the school looks very similar to Randall Weems from the Disney show “Recess
  • On the bottom news ticker, the judge from Morty’s court case committed suicide and no matter how you say LaCroix, you sound stupid.
  • A pub has a sports flag pinned on their wall that says “Squanchers” on it
  • Ferrofluid is a liquid that becomes magnetized when near something magnetic and was invented by NASA as a type of fuel
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