Rick and Morty: Season 4 Episode 2 – The Old Man and The Seat

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Rick and Morty The Old Man and The Seat


Following Summer ruining the season four premiere, “The Old Man and the Seat” finds Rick on the hunt for someone who has been using his private toilet. The Smith family also welcomes a new member of the clan, Glootie, Rick’s “intern”. Glootie is a seemingly nice guy but there are specific instructions on his forehead that read “DO NOT DEVELOP MY APP”. Of course, Jerry needs to become involved and do the thing he is instructed not to do. While Jerry and Morty deal with Glootie’s app development, Rick sets out on a manhunt for whoever is trespassing on his private bathroom space.


Glootie: “Do you want to develop an app?”

Rick: “No thanks, Glootie.”

Morty: “Hey, what’s up, Glootie?”

Glootie: “Hi, Morty, do you want to develop an app?”

Morty: “No thanks.”

Jerry: “Rick, why does it say, ‘Do not develop my app’ on your intern’s forehead?”

Glootie: “Why, you want to develop one?”

Rick: ” Ah, I’m glad you asked that, Jerry. It’s so you don’t develop his app.”

Summer: ” He’s gonna go poop. When Grandpa Rick pats his belly like that and leaves without Morty, it meas he’s going to go poop. He’s a shy pooper, he has a secret pooping place.”

Rick: “Man, fuck you Summer.”

Danny Publitz: “I ran all the way here while staring at your profile. I tripped on a fire hydrant and fell down, so I’m covered in gravel that stuck to my sweat. And even after a shower I’ll still into a jam band for old junkies, but I think this world cares too much about bands and too little about love.”

Jerry: “Shake him more, Morty. That was working.”

Morty: “Take us to the mother ship!”

Glootie: “Okay, don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me.”


Easter Eggs

  • Rick’s intern Glootie is voiced by Taika Waititi, who among many acolades, was the director of Thor: Ragnarok
  • The Butter Robot and a milk carton with the bully from Edge of Morty: Rick, Die, Rickpeat
  • The scene in which Morty smashes up the computer and Glootie reminds him that “that’s not how apps work” was the clip shown to fans during the Rick and Morty panel earlier that year at the San Diego Comic-Con.
  • When Morty and Jerry are planning their escape up in the ducts of the spaceship, part of their plan includes a sketch of Rick’s head with a big “X” through it.
  • The voice actor who played Tony is Jeffrey Wright, who portrays Bernard on Westworld
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