Rick and Morty: Season 4 Episode 4 – Claw and Hoarder (Special Ricktim’s Morty)

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Rick and Morty dragons soul bond


Ever hear of soul-bonding? Well, this episode is your chance. Rick promised Morty a dragon and now it’s time for Rick to own up. Morty loves the idea of having his very own dragon but soon releases his dragon has other ideas. Eventually, Rick and Morty’s dragon Balthroma link up getting into a soul-bond together. The dragon is taken back to its world and now it is up to Rick, Morty, and Summer to save Balthroma and all the slut dragons from the evil wizard.

Jerry also hangs out with a talking cat.


Morty: “You asked me to cut class and fight robots with you. I said, ‘no.’ You said, ‘millions of lives depend on it.’ I said, ‘I’ll do it for a dragon.’ you said, ‘whatever.’ I want my dragon.”

Rick: “You know who’s into dragons, Morty? Nerds that refuse to admit they’re Christian.”

Summer: “Oh, my god, it’s my first gay wedding.”

Morty: “Summer!”

Jerry: Hoo, those were not cheap tickets, but, um, I’m down to clown. Uh, w-w-w-why can you talk again, uh?

Talking Cat: “It’s not important, Jerry.”

Jerry: “Okay, but why Florida?”

Talking Cat: “Because they don’t ask questions. They play volleyball, they party, and they have fun.

The Wizard: “Balthromaw, by soul-bonding with multiple riders, you have violated the treaty between dragon and mankind. The dragonarchy sentences you to hang by the neck until dead. On the count of three. One dragonarchy, two dragonarchy, 2 1/2 — I just wanted to make sure — three!

Rick: “How about finding the spell that unbinds me from your [bleep] dragon?

Debranavox: “No spells can do that. Only the wizard can unbind a soul bond.


  • Rick erases Jerry’s mind after the cat encounter in the same fashion as when he would erase Morty’s memories in Morty’s Mindblowers.
  • The opening scene featuring Chachi is a possible callback to the character “Chachi” from Happy Days.
  • The title of the episode is a reference to Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.
  • A tesseract looking object is shown in this episode only the color is purple.
  • The show Summer is watching “Ass” is comparable to the crime show Bones.

Easter Eggs

  • Rick and Morty’s graves are visible from the backyard.
  • This episode features the largest amount of real-world animals in the entire series.
  • Jeff Loveness can be seen in the end credits.
  • Rick and Morty crash into Malta in the opening scene. Malta has a dragon on its flag.
  • The crack in the driveway still exists from the Rickshank Rickdemption episode.

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